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Desktop Edition!

All the features you know and love (or are deeply vexed by) from the online version now available without the gigantic kitten of distraction that is our modern internet. Write or Die also has myriad improvements over the online version, including:
Disable Backspace
For increased evil!
Fullscreen Mode
Shut out all distractions
Disable save until goal reached
To really crack the whip
Always in front
Why would you want to look at anything else?
Gradual Grace Period Slider
Any Time Limit You Want!
How long can you hold up?
Written in Adobe AIR so it works for Mac, Windows and Linux*!
* I have not been able to test it thoroughly on Linux, but there's no reason it shouldn't work, let me know, *nixers.

Colors! Fonts!

Now you can change the font and colours in which you write. If you prefer to write on a dark background with light text to ease your eyes as you toil into the night, you can do that. If you like a peaceful, zen-like sage font in a crisp Helvetica, you can have that. If you have a fondness for chartreuse, you're alone there, but you can have that too.

New Sounds! Custom Sounds!

I've added some additional evil sounds and removed some that are likely copyright infringement. You can also choose your own mp3 file, so if you find that perfectly devilish pop song that you never want stuck in your head you can have it as a punishment!

Not just lies, Statistics!

Now you can keep score! See your total words typed, the most words you've written in a single sitting, average words per minute, even the number of words you've lost to kamikaze mode! All this is stored inside Write or Die Desktop Edition so if you want to reset it you can.

Progress Bars! Pretty!

Now there are visual indicators to show you your progress relative to your goals. In addition to these I have refined the warning animation, now there is a gradual fade to red instead of formerly where it would quite obviously get redder every second. Once you start typing again there is another gradual fade back to your preferred background colour.

Save your Work!

Now you can save your work locally, complete with paragraph breaks and tabs! You can also keep a running text file to which you can append each session of writing. Each session will be headed by the date and time it was written as well as a chapter heading of you like.

Publish! Blog! Tweet!

Write or Die Desktop Edition offers you the ability to publish your writing to Blogger, Livejournal or Wordpress (more platforms to come)

Just click the corresponding button when you're finished and Write or Die will open a webpage to compose a post in your chosen platform. It's that simple.

Compete With A Friend!

My favorite new feature. Write or Die Desktop Edition gives you the ability to have a real-time word war with a friend, either around the world or on the other side of the cafe table.

Share and Setup!

Each Word War session you'll get a unique ID to share with a friend. They can then start a chat and set up a session. Or if you get an ID from a friend, you can initiate. You have as much time as you want to chat and changes to goals are echoed on both sides so you'll have to agree on them.

Write head to head!

When you've both pressed ready, you can start. This is where the fun begins, as you write, you'll see progress bars for both you and your opponent. Race to see who can reach the word goal first!


Easy buttons that allow you to send a Tweet with the hashtag #wordwar so you can find others who wish to compete.

How much does it cost?

Write or Die Desktop Edition is $10. If you'd like to purchase Write or Die Desktop Edition, click the Paypal link below and you'll be redirected to Paypal. Everything is dealt with automatically and once your payment is complete, you should receive a download link at the e-mail that is associated with your Paypal account. If you didn't receive your link, check your spam folder first then feel free to contact me at doctorwicked@gmail.com.

Will it run on my computer?

Write or Die Desktop Edition uses the Adobe AIR framework, the same framework that powers applications like Tweetdeck. It is widely supported and works on Windows Mac and Linux. Should you have any trouble, please use the resources below.

Where Can I Get Support After Purchase?

I am nearly always reachable by e-mail, but sometimes contacting me by Twitter is even faster. There is also a support forum for submitting any bugs you might find at GetSatisfaction, or click the Feedback tab on the left side of the screen.

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail with the download link.

Check your spam folder, sometimes it ends up there, I do not know why. Working to remedy this problem.

Can I Install Write or Die Desktop Edition on Multiple Computers?

As long as all the computers belong to you I don't mind one bit. If you're installing a "backup copy" on your friend's computer, I might be a little ticked. It's only $10 after all. If you are unable to access the download link on your second computer, just email me and I'll help. Note: If you are a teacher and plan on using Write or Die in a classroom, let me know and I will accomodate you as best I can, I also plan to release a special edition just for teachers if there's enough demand

I can't seem to drag the setup window

The draggable area of the setup window is the title area, where is says "Write or Die Desktop Edition. Click there to drag. I'm planning a workaround for this but for now, that's how.

I'm running Linux and some of the sounds don't work.

I'm looking into this problem. Let me know which sounds don't work for you.

Sound don't play in Kamikaze mode

Sounds aren't supposed to play in Kamikaze mode. Normal mode has evil sounds for consequences. The other modes only have the victory sound, which I plan to make optional if you need to be stealthy.

I can't use non-MP3 sound files for my custom sound!

I am only able to support MP3 files with the current sound playing libraries. Since MP3 is the most widespread audio format, I intend to leave it this way as I'm not even sure it's possible to support other formats. iTunes supports converting m4a files to mp3 so you could try that.

I have further questions not mentioned here

Tweet Me, E-mail me or post on my GetSatisfaction page. I usually respond pretty darn quick.

Thanks very much for your interest and I hope you enjoy Write or Die Desktop Edition!

Requires the free Adobe AIR framework
Which will be installed automatically.

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